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Don't Hibernate Too Long - You Might Miss Supporting "Where the Bears Are"

Ian Parks and Chuck Villano are a tasty duo in "Where the Bears Are."
Ian Parks and Chuck Villano are a tasty duo in "Where the Bears Are."
Sexy meets sexy!

TV viewing has really changed.

Will other talented guest stars like Margaret Cho be in "Bears" season 3?

Years ago, you only had a choice of ABC, CBS and NBC. Then. came FOX, HBO and FX. Now the floodgates have opened with so many channel choices that even TV Guide had to stop listing all of the options there were just too many. But now we have even more choices with the increasing number of original web content.

Such is the case with the charming "Where the Bears Are," currently raising money for a third season.
The show, which has been called "Murder She Wrote" meets "The Golden Girls," is one of the several shows that has a niche market and it relies on its fans as it have a network supporting and promoting it.

Bears are indeed the core market for the show, but it has such a loyal following mainly because it's good.
The three bears team of Rick Copp, Joe Dietl and Ben Zook have worked so well together behind the scenes that their chemistry is evident on-screen as well. Each of them have double duty whether it be actor/writer, actor/director or actor/producer, they ban together to get the show done and their bond is likely stronger for it.

With each wearing many hats, they are able to put most of their small budget in front of the camera and not have to worry about covering costs associated with a big network TV show.

In talking with Dietl, who plays the airhead Wood in the show, "Where the Bears Are" will continue its fun mix of "Golden Girls" type of best friends and exploring different aspects of the gay bear community while the three continue to solve murder mysteries. "The upcoming season will feature multiple murders that they gets once again get caught up in trying to solve."

Dietel, who is not like his ditzy character at all, wouldn't unveil any of the star cameos for the new season like the wonderful Margaret Cho who made an appearance as Mistress Lena in the second season.

We also will not be disappointed in the buffet of bears that will parade through the third season. It seems that season two doubled up on having a series of hot bear guest stars - whether chubby bears, muscle bears or cubs, they were plenty of reasons to want to hibernate with the bears of season two. Dietl says the show will have even more guys as the show goes deeper into his character's past and we learn he was, in addition to being a Colt model, he was worked for Chunk. "We have a bunch of Chunk models in the upcoming season," he says.

The show will also continue to develop the sweet love story between Zook and the hottie of my dreams Ian Parks. Copp also will have some times to excel - and it's no surprise he'll have some juicy moments as he's one of the writers and his impressive credits include "The Golden Girls" and the fun spoofy movie "The Brady Bunch Movie." (I also hope to see more of Chad, talented and fun!)

Like other web series, "Where the Bears Are" and its 5-7 minute episodes make it easy watch even on the run. But the three bears also do a great job at patching together the entire seasons, making it into a DVD and can be viewed as a stand-alone feature.

Season one has a "bonus" Christmas episode and season two's DVD had a Thanksgiving special. According to Joe, when they do season three, they will continue that tradition and have a special on Halloween.

"Boys" is also completing a Kickstarter campaign this week and has been inching it way to success. Donors will get different perks from DVDs to credits in the show to early access to season three and more. To make a donation, do so soon as the fund raising campaign ends in just over a week, go to

And if you want to see episodes online or to buy the first two seasons on DVD, go to

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