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Solitary confinement “may well hover on the edge of what is humanly tolerable”

Don't "gouge out the nourishment that humans need for health," says David Brooks

The current events are promulgating opinions on the age old problem of solitary confinement and wrongful convictions. Studies reflecting inhumane treatment are being brought to our attention once again.

Last October 2nd reported on Herman Wallace’s release from prison. His conviction was set aside after 42 years in solitary confinement. He died a free man on the third day after his release.

This week democracynow interviewed Marshall “Eddie” Conway. His conviction was overturned after 44 years in prison on the same grounds, faulty jury instructions.

Democracynow also featured Angela Davis who advocates abolishing segregation.

An opinion in the New York Times discloses the effects of isolation citing several studies, and points to the profound opinion of a corrections executive director spending one day in confinement.

And in Florida, an advocacy group says there is a vision "to utilize effective and innovative correctional strategies that [will] make Florida’s Dept. of Corrections the best in the world [by] treat[ing] every inmate as we would like to be treated".... until then "the Department’s Vision will remain clouded."

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