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Don’t Go Alec

Alec Baldwin is saying he is done with public life. He is a multi-talented individual who has a bit of a temper but has demonstrated considerable generosity for the arts and other issues.

Alec Baldwin
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During the seminal part of his career, Baldwin was devastatingly handsome. He has remained attractive through time but crafted a diverse portfolio and did not rely on simply portraying leading men. (Think about others who as old codgers, get the girl.)

His comedic timing is sublime.

Baldwin did have an embarrassing episode years back when he said some unflattering things in anger to his daughter. Every involved parent has exploded in rage. Just don’t leave the words on a recording for posterity and TMZ.

It was not Baldwin but his wife at the time, Kim Bassinger, who stated that the actor would move to Canada if George W. Bush were elected. Bush actually wasn’t elected but he took office: so same horrific problems. In hindsight, our neighbor to the north wasn’t such a bad plan.

Two small issues Mr. Baldwin. Your current wife cannot be the most important thing in the world to you. And in the next sentence your newest daughter is the most important etc. etc. Most can only be one. So let’s edit the paragraph to read “ family.”

On a more important note, you did not need to be part of the love fest offered to the real Sarah Palin during an episode of SNL. Be friends with Tina Fey by all means but don’t participate in a skit with the actual person and flatter her.

Oh Alec. This column understands why you wanted to vent. But was this throw down of going away really necessary?

If sadly the actor chooses to completely retire from public life, there is always his body of work.

The best portrayal? Probably everyone has a favorite but the Always Be Closing scene from Glengarry Glen Ross, should be a crime.

Baldwin stole the movie.

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