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Don't give up on the plants

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Plants that are appearing to show a lack of blooming, growth or simply it appears that they may not being doing well is not necessarily anything wrong. In fact, they are preparing for a better season. They may look like it over for them and they are no longer going to do anything further or simply not active.

In fact, that is far from the truth, they are at rest from all the hard work they put forth in Spring and Summer. The next growing season should be waited out with expectation for them to increase in growth, beauty, establishment and abundance of more of a plant and blooms.

Plants give their all during their growing season from blooming, soaking up the sun, and the care given with watering and fertilizer. They may look like not much is being done or maybe it been a waste. Nevertheless, it is contrary, they have did well with all given and now prepared for a better season to come.

The plants won't disappoint the gardener, especially when the gardener, has given it time to help it be better.
It not always visible to see that is happening, the reward will come when that plant give forth it harvest.
So, keep doing what it was too make the plants thrive, all that effort won't be wasted.
Summer is changing, very soon, into Fall the plants are getting prepared in El Paso, TX.

Be encouraged.