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Don't Give Up: Lessons from the Life of Abraham Lincoln

Don't Give Up:
Don't Give Up:
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Entering into a business venture entails you submitting to the risks, uncertainty and the unknown of whether you will reap from it. Businesses present a number of challenges before it matures and persistence is the key to keeping it running. Once it kicks off, it presents a great package of reward and self-fulfillment where you will be able to see and feel the fruits of your determination and objectives.

Abraham Lincoln, one of the best rated American presidents, encountered many challenges in his career before rising to the helm of the world leading super power nation, United States of America in 1860. Before being elected, he was defeated in a number of positions including running for Illinois House Speaker, nomination for US Senate Congress, nomination for Vice President Lost re-nomination, lost his in run for Illinois State Legislature, failed in business his Sweetheart died.

This was only the way to his success which saw him being elected to Congress, elected to Illinois State Legislature and finally elected President. Despite the challenges and setbacks Abraham Lincoln faced he never gave up till the time he was finally elected the president.

A number of lessons can be drawn from the failures and successes of Abraham Lincoln in any business venture you intend to undertake. Success does not come easily but with the persistent and the goals you possess, you will win. That business you intend to partake not only present your own fulfillment, but also present opportunities for others whether as a provision of employment for others or simply, provision of basic commodities for daily use.

You should always see the good side of potential to be customers. Keep your focus steadily upright on what you want to achieve from the venture. Do not the critics of others hinder your aspirations but rather see them as the stepping stones to your success. Don’t listen to their critics or any negative comments they draw to you but rather view them moral lessons helping you achieve your objectives.

Be honest. Being in your endeavors this is what will build trust in your customers. Honest will for several reasons work better in the long run. If you remove any doubt then the people or you are interacting with are likely to reciprocate thus improving your chances of success. Also, establish good relationships with them and take your questions or answers seriously. This will make them come for more to your business since they get what they want from you. Make from as many friends as possible since these are going to be potential customers hence, growing your customer base.

Your own resolution to succeed is more important than any one thing and all your dreams are valid whatever the reasons. Have motivation in it since it what will drive you succeed.

You can do it, success!

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