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Don’t fret over stale beer: Useful uses for stale beer

Beer drinkers may have their fill but sometimes a can or bottle get set down and forgotten. Maybe you have a party and not everyone drinks all the beer from their glasses. You may think this is a waste of money and in one way it is and in another it isn’t. There is a lot that you can do with beer that has sat out too long, has gone stale or has been in the pantry way too long because it was pushed way back and may not be safe to still drink.

Smart ways to use stale beer instead of pouring down the drain!

What can you do with stale beer to make it useful?

Glad you asked! There are many things that left-over beer can do that you may never have thought about. Try these frugal ways, tips and tricks and don’t feel like you wasted your money when it can be put to use for something other than drinking.

Useful uses for stale beer:

  • A small amount of stale beer can be healthy for indoor plants. A tablespoon or two will do the trick once or twice a month.
  • Stale beer can brighten up wooden furniture. Just dampen a soft cloth and rub into the furniture wood.
  • Clean gold jewelry by letting it soak in a small dish full for about five minutes. Then rinse and wipe clean with a soft cloth.
  • Beer can do wonders to brass pots or brass bottom pots. Maybe you have some brass hangings that seem a bit tarnished. Just apply some on a soft cloth and gently run, rinse and wash as usual. The acid in the beer will do wonders to brighten up the brass.
  • Pour some into a bee or wasp trap. The beer will attract the attention of these stinging insects and keep them away from your family sitting out on the porch or dining on the deck or patio.

Now you don’t have to waste a drop when you leave a bottle with some beer in the bottom!

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