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Don’t forsake our educators, their knowledge is invaluable

If two wrongs don’t make a right…What about three? This morning I read that a Rutgers University professor was suspended for “[informing] the 30 or so Rutgers undergrads who had signed up for the [anthropology] class that his plan was to learn the course materials gamely along with them,” according to an article in the Daily Caller. I wasn’t sure if I should be outraged, so I kept reading. According to the same article, he has had some mental issues in the past, which the writer believes may have contributed to the school’s decision to suspend Robert Trivers. Mr. Trivers, modestly proclaimed that by bringing this incident to light respect for his status in the field, his achievements, and his abilities have not been shown by the University.

 Former United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (L) and New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio (R) attend a roundtable discussion held by Univision between parents of elementary school children and politicians regarding language learning and preschool
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Was it not, Rutgers University who 10 months ago fired a basketball coach; after video footage was released showing the coach “physically and verbally abusing” players? It was only after state officials pressed the Athletic Director Tim Pernetti for action that he fired the coach. In this situation, the university took a slower course of action. So why all of a sudden this suspension a good one? Do we, as a society hold our athletic personnel in a higher regard than accomplished educators?

Furthermore, even mentioning his mental state, in my opinion is not very professional. The mentally ill often times do not receive the care they so desperately need. Former US Representative Patrick Kennedy, who has admitted he suffers from bipolar disorder and is champion of mental health, stated in an interview with Lifescript,
“Behavior is a symptom of a disconnect in your brain.” As other health issues they need to be treated. If you have prior knowledge that someone is mentally ill, why place them in a situation such as this, making them uncomfortable? To learn more about mental illness please visit

It's time to promote appropriate and accessible services for all those in need.
- Cher

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