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Don't forget the unspoken rules of disc golf etiquette when on the course

Rules of the Game
Rules of the Game

When you are out there on the disc golf course, keep in mind that there are certain unspoken rules that you should abide by.

Here are the more important ones:

  • If you pack it in, pack it out. Nobody likes litter on their favorite course not to mention that it can cause a course to shut down if it gets too bad.

  • Make sure that you wait for the player furthest from the pin and allow him or her to shoot first.

  • Turn off your cell phones and don't make any loud noises when someone is shooting or putting. Talking to another player and taunting them to get an edge is just plain rude and embarrassing.

  • Wait for the group in front of you to clear the basket they are shooting for and are out of range.

  • If you see that there is a group behind you that is playing a faster game than you, step aside and the next hole and let them play through.

  • If you smoke, make sure that there isn't anyone downwind of you and if there is, make sure that they are fine with it.

  • If you find a disc on the course with a phone number on it, call them. If they don't return your call, try again and leave a message. After about a month or so, it's yours. If there is no number on the disc, they obviously didn't care enough about it and it is all yours.

If you abide by these rules of etiquette, you and everyone around you will have a much better time playing disc golf.


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