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Don't feed your fear

Focusing on fearful thoughs makes you more afraid.
Focusing on fearful thoughs makes you more afraid.
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Today I read a post by a colleague that talked about the fears writers have. But all people have fears. It doesn't matter what your profession or business.

If your fear isn't a fear brought on, for example, by a car approaching you head on (in which case you have real reason to feel afraid), then you are probably making yourself afraid. You're focusing on fearful thoughts.

It's a good thing to have our fears pointed out to us, which is what my colleague was trying to do. It's better to point out the solution to this problem.

Don't focus on your fearful thoughts! Focus instead on where you would be, or where you want to be, if you move through those fears. Focus on being courageous. Focus on being daring.

You control your thoughts. You control your mind. Don't feed those fearful thoughts with more of the same.

Instead feed your mind, feed your thoughts, with thoughts that make you feel courageous daring and willing to move forward toward your goals and dreams.

You can do this by using the following tools:

  • Affirmations: Write positive statements and repeat them to yourself many times a day to convince your subconscious mind that you are, indeed, courageous.
  • Meditation: Quiet your mind of those fearful thoughts. Or focus on a mantra, which gives your mind a "bone to chew on," one thought or phase upon which to focus--rather than on those fearful thoughts.
  • Visualization: Spend time seeing yourself moving through your fear. The body doesn't know the difference between what you visualize and what you do. This will help train your mind and body to act in the way you see yourself acting in your mind's eye.
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