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Don't ever put a live animal in a trash can

Newborn kittens that I rescued and rehomed
Newborn kittens that I rescued and rehomed
Lyn Lomasi

This is a warning I wish I didn't have to give. But unfortunately, there are sick people out there who would rather throw live animals away than care for them or find someone who can. I was reminded of this when a story about some puppies who survived such an ordeal showed up in my Facebook feed (

Unfortunately, this isn't the first time I have written about an instance like this ( Come on folks, is it really rocket science that you shouldn’t throw newborn puppies in a trash can? Seriously?

One, it can land you in jail. Two, these are living breathing beings with feelings. How would you feel if someone took away your babies at birth and tossed them in a trash can? How is it not the same thing when a human does this to another animal? I have directly pulled cats out of trash cans on more than one occasion. Trust me, they know they are being saved. So they also know when they are being abandoned and hurt.

In the instances above, some of the puppies survived and some did not. If you know that you can afford one and and only one animal, spay or neuter your pet right away. In fact, in some areas, it's the law to do so if you aren't properly licensed to practice certain breeding activities. Not spaying or neutering your animals could result in the birth of animals you cannot take care of. If it's too late and you are in such a situation, if you cannot care for more pets, do not toss them out with the garbage. Instead, try to rehome them or contact a rescue group for assistance. A shelter may not be ideal because not all animals there will end up adopted and some will end up being put down, depending on circumstances and shelter rules. But it's miles better than a trash can because at least they do have a chance at a possibly better life -- and there are rescues and shelters that live by no-kill practices.

Have you saved an animal from abandonment?

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