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Don't eat French fries today: It's National Julienne Fries Day

If you are eating fries today, let them be julienne-style. Why? That's because Aug. 12 is National Julienne Fries Day. When we think of julienne fries, we often think of French fries; however, julienne isn't the food itself. Julienne is the way a food is cut. Therefore, julienne can apply to other vegetables and fruits such as sweet potatoes, carrots, celery, and apples that are cut in long skinny strips.

Julienne usually applies to vegetables prepared in this way but it can also be applied to the preparation of meat or fish, especially in stir fry techniques.

A special culinary knife can cut foods into long thin strips, similar to matchsticks. Sometimes julienne fries are called shoestring fries. Julienne is a good technique to use for vegetables and other ingredients when you want to heighten their presentation.

Julienne fries are very popular because they make for great evening snacks. Also, these deep fried snacks sell very well in the movie times as they make real good munchies. These crispy fries are easy to make if you have a julienne slicer at home. The rest is easier. Peel the washed potatoes or sweet potatoes of which you want to make fries, and slice them into match stick like julienne cuts. Then, season the julienned potatoes with salt, pepper, herbs and spices and deep fry them in olive oil or any other cooking for 15 minutes.

Use this quick and easy recipe to make a batch of julienne fries whether you use white potatoes or sweet potatoes. If you don't feel up to making your own fries, take your family out to a local restaurant.

Since this is National Julienne Day, save the French fries, wedges and steak fries for another day. They have their own days later in the year.

Enjoy National Julienne Fries Day!

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