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Don’t drive your clients crazy with poor customer service

The method and quality of the customer service provided to the clients is crucial.
The method and quality of the customer service provided to the clients is crucial.
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Customer service is supposed to be the most effective and unique weapon in your arsenal through which you conquer the hearts of your clients, while battling it out with your competition. Then why is it that some companies tend to drive away their customers with their services rather than attracting them towards their product portfolio.

The answer to this seemingly confusing conundrum is actually very simple, and that is the method and quality of the customer service provided to the clients. A service which has been solely created to provide the customers with a satisfying experience with a company and make them feel valued can be completely ruined if the techniques employed, tend to irritate a client.
If the customer service methods employed to satisfy, appease and persuade a client to use a certain product or remove their concerns about a service, are not handled efficiently, then a business might be running a high risk of losing potential, as well as current, customers to the competition.

According to research statistics, companies which engage in providing clients with poor customer service, tend to lose around $338.5 billion annually. The loss of precious resources which had been strategically spent with the intention of boosting sales for the company, are in fact lost because of the inefficient methods employed by the companies.

Around 78% of customers have been estimated to have bailed out of purchasing an offering or deriving benefit from a service, just because of a poor experience with the customer service of a company. With such a high percentage of potential clients just turning away from buying a product which they need and probably like, for the sole reason of inferior quality services, is a major point of concern for all companies striving for a market share in the industry.

The apparent loss of resources and effort expended by the company to satisfy customers go down the drain and display completely opposite effects on the purchasing habits of the potential client market, by driving them towards the competition.

According to a research, customers allocate relative weightage and importance to various traits when opting to purchase a product from a specific brand. The research findings stated that the reason why customers commit to a brand is based on only 33% importance of brand reputation while around 73% on friendly customer service. This goes to show that customer service is the ultimate deciding factor which prompts clients to opt for a brand, and messing up this great opportunity to win customers can very well risk the position of the company within the market.

There are some common customer service practices employed by companies which tend to irritate clients and result in the loss of sales for a business. These include:
• Automated customer service
• Long hold times and waits on service calls
• No human interaction on service calls
• Repetition of information by customer, multiple times to different customer service individuals

Therefore, instead of driving away prospective clients, convert them into loyal customers with the simple magic of professional customer service.

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