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Don't Dish All Your Bad Habits Right Away

Break the Rules
Break the Rules
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It's probably common sense to not share all of your dirtiest and darkest secrets to someone who you have not even met in person, but telling someone that you smoked a cigarette after a couple of beers seems harmless. Am I wrong? Flash back to Thursday night and my good friend Nick & I were walking back to a little get together after a beer at Biergarden in Boulder. I was talking to this person from Tinder and Facebook playing twenty questions back and forth before we talked on the phone. We made plans to hang out that night, but I chose to hang out with co-workers and friends instead. Thank God.

Later that night, I told him I was smoking a cigarette as Nick and I were walking to the getty. We talked for like five minutes and continued to flirt and talk about me helping this person move on Saturday. The next morning I received a text message saying literally. “Good morning stud. Although you probably won't like this text, but I am not sure this is going to work out. I really don't like that you smoked a cigarette and the past two people I dated did, which didn't work out. You seem like a really great guy, so I want to be friends, but I don't really see it going past that.”

I was really confused. I understand the dangers of smoking and that people are not a fan of people who smell like ashtrays, but I don't even smoke. I responded with a quick, 'I don't really smoke, was just something I did last night. Sorry you feel that way.” Then I was told oh I found friends to help me move, so you don't have to since it will be a million degrees on Saturday. I am from Texas – this is wonderful weather.

I responded and translated what he wanted to really convey - A.K.A, I feel stupid for labeling you as a smoker, so you helping me as our first meeting move my shit would be awk. The end.