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Don't Date a Guy Only Because He is Nice

There is a saying that good girls love bad boys. That isn't true. Yes when your young looks mean a lot and even when you are older but when you want a relationship and even marriage you want someone who treats you right. On the other hand don't date a guy only because he is nice.

If you are dating a guy just because he is nice than you are dating him for the wrong reasons. First of all most likely you are settling. When you are in a relationship with someone you need the whole package. Most importantly of all you need to be with that person because you love him.

If you are with a nice guy but don't feel tingles then it's not really a relationship. He may be happy and taking you on dates but deep down you could be wanting something more.

When someone makes you happy, you know it. You can't stop smiling and you get all warm and bubbly inside. All of a sudden their quirks become cute. You want to be with them and could even list many reasons why you feel the way you do.

So if you meet a guy and go out with him make sure you are going out with him for the right reasons. Don't settle because if you settle you could miss out on someone great and you won't be happy. However someone could grow on you. Dating is all about having fun and get to know someone. So have fun and make sure you never settle.

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