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Don't burn your draft cards

Booster drafting is one of the most popular alternate formats for any trading card game. Anyone who has drafted will tell you it is also a completely different game when it comes to choosing your cards and then building and playing your deck. Lucky for those WoW TCG player like myself who struggle with the draft format there will be a clinic put on in Meridian in March.

Nick Nelson is an experienced WoW TCG player and one of the top draft players in the area. He will be hosting a draft clinic at Phoenix Fire Games and everyone is welcome. The learning starts at 6:00 PM and lasts until the store kicks us out (or we're done).

When asked why he wanted to share his drafting strategies with his opponents Nick told me that the purpose of a draft is to level the play field. In a draft everyone starts out at square one and muct rely on selection and build strategy as well as play skill to succeed. When you have people in a draft who don't have a full understanding of the best cards for the format the games stay lopsided. If an inexperienced player sits next to a good drafter a higher than average number of quality cards will come to the player who knows what to look for. If everyone knows what to draft and how to use the cards then the games are more even and more enjoyable.

Nick's clinic will be a full draft tournament with an entry fee of $15 for three packs to draft with and a guaranteed fourth when the event is finished. For more information or to RSVP visit WoWTCG Boise's Facebook page.


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