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Don't blow the 9-0 lead


A personal training client recently told me of her son's disappointing little league baseball game loss. The team had a 9-0 lead and went on to lose the game 10-9.  Her son was upset with his team's performance. They were winning decisively and then slowly watched as their lead slipped away until finally the last out of the game saw them come up one run behind. Oh the frustration!

We went on to speak of the things great coaches like to tell their teams after such a loss. Things like, "Boys, remember how this feels. Don't let this happen again. Never take a lead for granted, stay focused."

This story of losing the 9-0 lead came on the same morning my client and I were looking at her fitness results over the past couple of months. She had been on track , focused and continuing to put up numbers to impress any fitness junkie. We had both been proud of her progress. On this morning however it was clear that she had slipped from her fast paced victory after victory progress. She had fallen behind. Not just a fitness stall, but a slip. She was disapointed and felt  as if she had lost her  own 9-0 lead.

The dispointing loss of a baseball game and of fitness progress was going to teach us both a significant lesson. That morning's workout developed into one her best.  Determined decisions were made. No longer would fitness progress be taken for granted.  Never again would there be a 9-0 fitness lead given away. We spent time recounting how good it felt for her to experience the fitness progress and how deflating it was to watch the momentum fade. In regards to her fitness goals the new mantra became "Every day is Game Day".

 In regards to your fitness progress, don't blow your 9-0 lead. Stay focused, recount the key actions that have lead you to your place of success. Distraction from you fitness progress can lead to you loosing a hard fought for and well deserved winning edge.

Personal training is an effective way to gain and retain that winning edge of optimal fitness progress. Our next article at Boot Camp Examiner will explore the value of personal training. Subscribe above on the provided link and receive continued fitness motivation as soon as the Boot Camp Examiner articles are published.

Your Boot Camp instructor,

Scott Craig


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