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Don't believe the Obamacare sign-up numbers

Nancy Pelosi providing information about the Obamacare teams IQ
Nancy Pelosi providing information about the Obamacare teams IQ
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Experts surveying the White House announced sign-up numbers for Obamacare numbers of 6 million people thus far are far from the truth according to, among others, Glenn Kessler, author of the influential Fact Checker blog in The Washington Post.

Speaking on "The Steve Malzberg Show" on Newsmax TV, Kessler said the figures are based on combining 2.1 million people who have actually selected a plan on the state and federal exchanges, and 3.9 million for Medicaid.

That makes the numbers extremely misleading.

Kessler said, "The 3.9 million from Medicaid, that's essentially everyone who signed up for Medicaid in October and November, speaking to Malzberg on Friday. "But it turns out its two months of numbers having to do with everyone who ever signed up for Medicaid. It really doesn't tell you anything about how well the Affordable Care Act is doing."

He added, It's]somewhat similar to saying you put something in your shopping cart at Amazon and that's what they're counting, all of the things that are in the shopping cart. They don't know how many people actually pushed the button and ordered the item."

If the president is committed to fixing the lie he told on 32 separate occasions about "keeping your doctor," telling the truth about the sign-up numbers is a good start in restoring Americans faith in The Affordable Care Law" and its catastrophic roll-out.

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