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Don't be the stereotype

Oh, it hits again... Idiots that have to bring up the stereotypes yet again and make those that use them say "well, its true just look at ___"

In Westlake Ohio, two, well, I hate to use the term men, so lets say idiots instead, were arrested. They went to a Taco Bell parking lot to "practice Medieval Sword Fighting". They attempted to sell weed to the teens there. Once in the car, one of the teens pepper sprayed both of the idiots and stole the weed. The two idiots called the police stating they had been robbed...

Police soon found out what had happened and both were charged with misdemeanors including attempted trafficking of Mary Jane.

The point is, these two, one 20 and the other 22, brought up the old stereotype that all Rennies or LARPers are nothing but parental basement dwelling losers and idiots high on various drugs. While there are too many of those that make the stereotype true, there are the vast majority that use this vice as a way to become passionate about history, even alternative history, and many like to escape all the issues that exist in the modern world.

Please, do the world a favor, if you see someone who is living up to the stereotype and bringing the world of Rennies and LARPers down further instead of shining a brighter light on this great world, please call them out; you know who you are...


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