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'Don't Be Tardy' spoilers: Is Kim Zolciak pregnant again?

Kim Zolciak
Photo by Craig Barritt/Getty Images

This week on a new episode of "Don't Be Tardy" Kim Zolciak made it look like she could be pregnant again. The preview for next week shows her getting an ultrasound. She is afraid that they didn't wait long enough after they had the twins. On Friday, Kim shared on Instagram a picture and she is not looking pregnant at all. She actually looks pretty skinny. If you check further back on her page, there are several photos of her without a baby bump.

Wet Paint shared not long ago that Kim said that their family is complete. She doesn't have any plans to have another baby. Kim shared that they are done without a doubt. Fans should not expect more babies from the Biermann clan anytime soon even though Kim and Kroy can't keep their hands off each other. They are even looking into a permanent solution for not getting pregnant again.

Kim looks amazing and has revealed that she has already lost 50 pounds since having the twins. She used a homemade girdle for part of the weight loss. It was shown on "Don't Be Tardy" that she doesn't really watch what she eats very much though. Kim had to change her mind about that and start being more careful with her diet to lose that much weight. They do have a gym in their home, but you have to wonder how she had time to use it with all of the kids at home.

As you watch "Don't Be Tardy" this season, they will tease about the fact that Kim Zolciak could be pregnant again. Don't expect to hear that she has a bun in the oven though. They are not planning on having any more children and six is enough for this bunch. They have four kids under the age of five at home right now and that keeps them pretty busy.

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