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Don’t be an aggressive driver

Aggressive drivers are a menace to other motorists.
Aggressive drivers are a menace to other motorists.
Delaware Dept. of Transportation

It is pretty obvious that aggressive driving which accounts for more than half of all traffic fatalities according to AAA Foundation, can jeopardize your safety. Common driving behaviors like tailgating, frequent lane changing, running lights, not observing posted road signs, ignoring speed limits, seeking confrontations with other motorists and racing, all fall under the category of aggressive road behaviors.

Aggressive drivers are a menace to other motorists with their unsafe road maneuvering tactics. And not surprisingly, incidents that lead to aggressive driving behaviors often are trivial in nature, and not something you might think would cause the catastrophic explosions that characterize road rage.

Road safety should be a priority whenever you get behind the wheel of your vehicle. If you are guilty of aggressive driving, do something about it! Stop this type of driving behavior that disregards safety and can result in crashes, injuries and worst of all, fatalities.

Don’t want to be an aggressive driver, then follow these safety tips:

• Give yourself extra time to get to your destination so that you won’t have to rush

• Don’t even think about running yellow lights! Always come to a full stop at red lights and stop signs.

• Obey all of the posted speed limits which are put up for your protection.

• Always keep a safe distance between you and the car ahead. The 3 second rule is a good one to follow in that it gauges the distance between you and the car in front so you have time to stop. When you see the car ahead pass a landmark, count to 3 and if you reach it before 3, you are driving way too close. If the road is wet, icy, curvy, or visibility is limited, then you need to increase your following distance.

• Never feel an urgent need to teach someone a lesson that has cut you off, given you the high beams, or even that middle finger salute. Just slough off the other driver’s rudeness and chose safety over a hot head and unwanted drama.

• Remember this, you cannot control traffic or the behaviors of other motorists but you can chose to use your smarts and keep cool on the road.

--Car Chick

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