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Don't Be A Dick - An Insight Into The Animal Rescue Community

ignorance is not bliss
ignorance is not bliss
mia anelli


Right now especially there has been a lot of things being said, questioned, and assumed on Facebook regarding good rescues, bad rescues and, what the fuk rescues.

Let's break it down.

About 30% of the rescue community call everything "drama" and don't believe anything negative about certain rescuers or rescues.. Either they don't believe a rescue they have supported could have possibly been lying to them. To save face or out of pride ? These people will tend to bash anyone who says something they don't want to believe regardless of proof. They may also ignore or even delete comments that ask even the most logical questions that might unhinge the lie they believe, whatever that may be.

%30 believe everything they hear or read online with or without facts or proof. Maybe it was said by someone with lots of followers or maybe it's because someone is good at making their unfounded accusations sound like the factual situations. Either way, if u tell them there's a pink dinosaur at the city shelter that was dumped by a rescue after it breathed fire on a kid.. they'll believe it. And be pissed at the rescue for dumping that dino!

Then maybe around %25 are peeps posting assumptions and propaganda even if they know the actual or some truth or not. For example. The truth might be something like 'rescue decided to put down dog after it was deemed too aggressive for adoption by dog behaviorist' but what the %25 percent might say is 'rescue taking thousands in pledges for dogs and then puts them to sleep immediately, killing dogs to make money.' that is a made up scenario, of course .. but I think u get what I mean.

and then there is the %10 are folks that actually do call out people that are being scandalous and that do deserve to be called out. They have the facts or insight to back it up ..they are logical and unswayed by opinion. Unfortunately half of these logical %10ers won't say anything. They know that more then half of the people in the rescue community rather not know the truths or would be too wounded to recover from it.

No... I didn't add wrong... there's still the last %5 and this is made up of people who call out other rescues for wrong doings when in reality they are being just as bad in different ways...Maybe they are crazy and actually believe they are doing nothing wrong , or , and most likely they have carefully built their smokescreen methodically. Who knows.

of course this is all just my humble opinion not factual statistics. To truly be fair each percentage grouping I mentioned would also have to have have sub percentages amidst itself to cover all the possible types of us. but I'm not doing that... so ... anyways.

Also I'd like to point out that this is not a article about good or bad rescuers or rescues but rather how the rescue community deals with either.

Now, let me lay it out.

1.There is a difference between *talking shit * and *telling the truth*!

This one really irks me.

Ex. I'm gonna use the names Dick and Jane (this is not a reference to anyone).

Dick is pocketing donations collected for dogs. Dick is collecting more money then needed,,

So while the dogs ARE taken care of so is Dicks phone bill and dinners out. When Jane finds

proof of this, she believes this is deceitful. Jane who also runs a rescue dependant on

Donations and has always used donations towards the animals they are intended for and if by

the grace of luck there is extra funds they are used for the next animal in need she rescues.

Jane informs her rescue friends and posts a status saying " hey, this Dick is pocketing

donations. ( lol, sorry that was too easy) When asked for proof, she provides it.

Conclusion- Jane is not talking shit. She is informing people of a truth.

● now, of course situations like this are never this beautifully black and white.

But before you call bullshit.. Listen to facts, ask questions to both sides and remember it's

not talking shit if it's true.

2. If you don't have all the facts don't assume out loud.

Ex. If all you know is that dog has a bite wound and was turned in to the shelter as a stray.

Then that's all you should type as far as information about the dog in the caption of his photo

or on the comments thread.

You should not type ... sweet dog was used as a bait dog and dumped in

shelter. In terrible pain at shelter and not being treated. Look at his eyes, you can tell

he is sweet. Will be killed by 4 pm today.

Conclusion- while the 2nd is much more exciting and compelling .. it's propaganda.

I think most of it is obvious so .. moving on.

3. How do you know it's true? Cause someone said so? Try again.

I don't care if you would swear on your first born child that the people you make donations to

are the most honest and upstanding rescuers ever made. Once in a while ask to see a vet

invoice for a dog u made a donation towards. If they continually use funding sites

(like youcaring, gofundme,fundrazr ) along with a direct PayPal donation option. Consider

asking to see the PayPal donation summary.. If they collected the full amount they asked for

on a funding site for a dog .. and an additional couple hundred via PayPal for the Same dog

ask where the excess funds were used.

Final thoughts....

What I have noticed and completely don't understand is that when some people, who have been supporters and or have donated to the rescue or rescuer being accused of something. They immediately call any comments that support the accusations lies and bashing. They attack anyone who questions the rescue or rescuer, whom in actuality they have never met, spoken to off line, worked with, etc.

Maybe it stems from not wanting to be taken for a fool. Or admitting that you donated money that paid someone's personal bills instead of being used for the animal it was intended for.

Is it the mentality that even if the accusations are true and they did mishandle a dog or two or they pocket a few thousand dollars every once in while , that It is ok . As long as they still do a lot of good and they have rescue dogs and do right by most of them??? Hmmm.

It seems to me that even if some people were to be presented with direct evidence that a rescue or rescuer had scammed donations or did any other unforgivable action. That whoever presented the evidence would still be met the backlash of people who really have no facts at all. Hindering anyone from asking questions, exposing a truth, or stopping someone's abuse of trust while mocking the kindness of strangers .

All that being said ... people can be shifty rat bastards and will resort to defamation to bring down other people cause they feel like it. So I guess ... it's up to you, me , and anyone who isn't a rat bastard... to follow these steps.

Pay attention

Don't assume

Ask questions

Ask for proof

Don't be naive

Remember the objective.

Ohhh.. I didn't mention what our main objective is yet..?

You tell me.

■ the objective of animal rescue is...A B or C?

A.To be popular and make lots of friends?

B. Make yourself feel good?

C. Save the lives of animals whom without us, have no one.. United we save.

Hint: it's C.

Thanks for reading .. remember I'm human, I make mistake. Grammar, spelling etc.. let me now and I'll fix.

Mia Anelli

July 9th 2014