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Don Julio Blanco and Añejo recipes: More than just delicious standalone Tequilas

Don Julio brings some delicious recipes.
Don Julio brings some delicious recipes.
Permission to use photo given by Don Julio

Don Julio Tequila is arguably one of the best spirits around. Since 1942, Don Julio has been the top-of-the-line Tequila to enjoy when it comes to this particular spirit. While you may think Don Julio is best enjoyed as a standalone sipping drink, there are a number of recipes that demonstrate the Don Julio's dynamism and flexibility.

Today, we have three refreshing Don Julio recipes for you to try. If you're sitting there saying, "I only drink Don Julio up with nothing added," you may want to think twice with what we have to share with you. The three drinks we'll talk about are the Desert Heat, Jalisco Old Fashioned and Tequila Don Julio Margarita. It's summertime after all and this trio is one way to help you cool down.

To create your own Desert Heat, you don't need to be in Death Valley, you simply need to purchase some Don Julio Blanco, Simple Syrup, Lime Juice, Pineapple and Jalapeño. Make sure you have a shaker on hand as well as a low ball glass.

Once you have all of these ingredients and glasses on hand, you'll want to mix everything together in your shaker first. Add in ice to your shaker followed by two ounces of Don Julio Blanco, one half of an ounce of Simple Syrup and one half ounce of Lime Juice. Shake the contents thoroughly and then strain it all into a low ball glass that is half full of crushed ice. When straining is complete, you can float a single slice of Jalapeño on top with a side garnish of pineapple.

Another way to mix up a Desert Heat is to just shake up the Don Julio Blanco and Simple Syrup. Strain that mixture into a low ball glass and then float the Lime Juice with Jalapeño on top. The garnish doesn't change, but it's another way to mix up the drink. Beware though, floating the Lime Juice on top can at times create an uneven blend of the ingredients once you get toward the bottom of the drink, but to each their own.

Staying with the Don Julio Blanco, let's dive into the Tequila Don Julio Margarita. Margaritas are a fantastic drink to create because you can have so much variety in how you make them and they are delicious no matter what. For this particular drink, you'll need to have the aforementioned Don Julio Blanco, Agave Nectar, Fresh Lime Juice and an actual lime for garnish.

For blending the drink, we used a simple blender. To create one drink, you'll need to add in one and a half ounces of Don Julio Blanco, three quarters of an ounce of Agave Nectar and three quarters of an ounce of Fresh Lime Juice. Once you have these three elements in the blender, go ahead and add ice as you need it. More ice will create a thicker margarita, but how much you put in is entirely up to you and your preference.

Once you have the right consistency, go ahead and grab yourself a low ball glass and pour in the contents. When finished pouring, a slice of Fresh Lime Juice serves as a perfect garnish for your Tequila Don Julio Margarita. This one was a favorite particularly because it goes perfectly with the 90 degree heat July has brought.

Finally, let's talk about the Jalisco Old Fashioned cocktail. This drink will require Tequila Don Julio Añejo, Agave Nectar, Angostura Bitters and an Orange Peel for garnish. You'll want to have a shaker and low ball glass on hand to concoct the beverage.

To start, go ahead and add in ice to your shaker. Once filled halfway, add in one ounce of Tequila Don Julio Añejo, followed by one half of a bar spoon of Agave Nectar (or one half of a teaspoon) and two dashes of Angostura Bitters. Go ahead and thoroughly shake up the ingredients until you feel they are blended nicely.

Once you have the consistency or blend you want, strain the liquid into a low ball glass that is filled up three quarters of the way with crushed ice. If you'd like, go ahead and add in an orange peel garnish. For fun, we tried adding in a few pinches of squeezed orange juice and it was a delicious addition. Be careful if you do that though because the orange should merely be a subtle, supporting ingredient.

There you have it. For the next few weeks leading up to National Tequila Day, make sure you enjoy these outstanding Don Julio recipes, and enjoy them responsibly, of course. We'll have more to share soon, but enjoy this trio in the meantime!

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