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Don George Interview: I land my right hand and he goes to sleep

George preparing for his 31st pro fight
Rita Figueroa

Chicago's very own super middleweight prospect Donovan "Don Da Bomb" George (24-4-2, 21 KOs) will return to the ring on Friday, April 18, as he makes his "Fight Night at Horseshoe Hammond" debut as the headliner at the The Venue.

Joining George as co-features on the card are exciting Chicago super middleweight Mike "Hollywood" Jimenez (13-0, 10 KOs) of Chicago and Russian heavyweight sensation Andrey Fedosov (24-3, 19 KOs) who just relocated to the Windy City.

"Donovan is working hard and he is ready. There is no better place for him to return to the ring than The Venue and 'Fight Night at Horseshoe Hammond," said Bobby Hitz. "This card is stacked with local fan favorites with great followings."

Also on the card, which is co-promoted with Round 3 Productions, is Chicago cruiserweight Dimar "Strongman" Ortuz (9-0, 6 KOs), welterweight Roy Navarro (5-1, 3 KOs) of Chicago, light welterweights Antonio "Aztec God of War" Canas (9-1-1, 3 KOs) and Genaro Mendez (7-2-1, 4 KOs) of Chicago as well as Eddie Ramirez (3-0, 3 KOs) of Aurora, and Chicago lightweight Fiore (11-2-1, 7 KOs).

George is co-promoted by Hitz Boxing and Round 3 Productions.

"I'm so excited to welcome Donovan back into this ring," said Frank Mugnolo of Round 3. "He is going to put on a terrific show and remind fight fans why we call him 'Da Bomb.'"

I sat down with "Da Bomb" days ago so check out the interview below.


Interview with Don "Da Bomb" George

Q: Congrats on your marriage to the beautiful wife Aleksandra George, It appears that you guys are truly a perfect couple. How has the marriage life been?

DG: Married life is great. She is my best and only true friend and the reason I train so hard.

Q: A lot of trainers believe once a man gets married they become tamed beasts, they become a little bit softer. There is a quote from Sigmund Freud that reads “A woman should soften but not weaken a man.”
What do you think about that opinion? Will marriage life tame the animal known as “Da Bomb” or will you continue to unleash hell on your opponents in the ring?

DG: That's funny. I have changed. Now I must fight even harder and be meaner than ever before for my family. I don't fight just for me anymore. I fight for her too.

Q: Recently you had a few bumps in your career, recently the loss to Minnesota’s Caleb Truax. This was a fight that many believed you would walk away with your arms held high in victory, what went wrong?

DG: Everything

Q: Since that Truax fight you made some huge changes, one is your head trainer who was your father Pete George who also served as your manager for many years, why did you replace your father with Chicago’s iconic Sam Colonna?

DG: Sam has always been In my corner for all my fights as a cut man. I decided I need a change. I hit a wall with my current team and I need to learn more.

Q: Don, the other big change was your decision to switch promoters from 8 count productions/Warriors boxing to join Hitz Boxing Entertainment headed by rival promoter Bobby Hitz of Chicago.

People are confused to what happen and are you currently signed with Hitz Boxing alone or a signed a co-promotion contract with Hitz Boxing and Frank “Muggs” Mugnolo’s Round 3 Productions?

DG: I have been friend with Bobby and "Muggs" for years and my father goes way back with both of them. They are my co promoters. I am very happy

Q: We seen you countless of times at the Horseshoe Casino supporting the sport and your stable mate and friend Mike “Hollywood” Jimenez, how does it feel to finally fight at the Casino and on the same card with your friend?

DG: We have fought on a card together before but nothing this big. It's pretty cool. We plan on putting on a great show. #teamboom

Okay your next fight will be your 31st professional fight and obviously you want to win your 31st fight, but for Troy Lowry who currently sits on 28 wins wants you to be his 29th victory. How do you walk away victorious against Lowry on April 18th, 2014?

DG: I land my right hand and he goes to sleep. That simple

Q: I know you’re not looking past your opponent but if you’re victorious after this fight, Who do you got your eyes set on?

DG: I look to stay very busy and fight every 4-8 weeks until we get a big offer for a fight that makes sense

Q:Thanks for taking time out from your training to speak to us, anything else you would like to say to your fans and or critics ?

DG: Don't blink!

Any time bro. Thanks for the support brother

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