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Don Felder, STYX & Foreigner

©Helen Orcutt Photography 2014

The OKC Zoo Amphitheater was filled to capacity for three iconic artists on May 16, 2014. The first night of the tour was on May 14, 2014 in Wichita, KS, but a couple wanted VIP seating, so they drove all the way to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma to get those seats. Don Felder opened the night with very familiar songs from The Eagles. Each song drew me back to my childhood. Bringing back memories of those Friday nights at the skating rink in San Springs. Oklahoma. The, oh so familiar sounds of Life In The Fast Lane and doing the shuffle on my black skates. It may be just a song to many, but it has attached itself to a time in my life that was happy and carefree, I was a child. Individuals have something, someone or an event that these songs take them back to. They trigger memories, which make them much more than just a song.
When the guitar tech pulled out the white double-necked Gibson guitar, the crowd screamed. Anyone who knows anything about Don Felder and The Eagles knows that guitar was used for Hotel California! Tommy Shaw walked out on stage with his Les Paul Gibson guitar and together they sang and performed Hotel California. That was the perfect closing song for his set.
When you say STYX you automatically think of Paradise Theater. That album was filled with hit after hit after hit. People of all ages can recognize their number one song Renegade. The backdrop was lit with skulls and the crowd exploded and they were on their feet for the entire song. It was an action packed set by STYX. For those who had or had not seen them perform before, it was worth every dollar spent to see them.
Foreigner was the closing band for this show and they put one hell of a show. The energy was non- stop and the music was amazing. People were singing and dancing all over the Zoo Amphitheater. With the lead singer going out into the crowd, without Security being notified first, it made them very chaotic, but the crowd loved it.
Although these bands were mainly from the 70’s and 80’s, the people who came to hear them play, sing and entertain them, ran the gamit in age. From grade school aged children all the way to men and women in their sixties and seventies. Each came with the same thing in mind, enjoying the music that they love to hear live in person.
I have a very special thank you for Don Felder, STYX and Foreigner, thank you for building the foundation of how I love and approach music at today.

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