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Don Feder: Gays "armed with vibrators" a bigger threat than Vladimir Putin

Don Feder
Don Feder

In a March 5th, 2014 column for the inappropriately named American Thinker, World Congress of Families spokesman, white nationalist and conspiracy theorist Don Feder writes that gays and lesbians in the military, Muslims in the executive branch and a president who isn't "an American in the White House" are a greater threat to American interests than Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Feder even excuses Putin for resisting Ukraine's moves towards membership in the European Union because that implies a "willingness to accept same-sex 'marriage,' abortion on demand [and] an anti-religion ethos."

"Do you blame him?" he asks. "If someone overthrew a democratically elected, pro-American government in Ottawa and replaced it with an interim regime hostile to our interests, that contained neo-Nazi elements and which immediately moved against English-speaking Canadians, it would irritate us too. It would, that is, if there was an American in the White House."

Instead, Feder lists as threats to America the presence of Muslims in the White House because "a Muslim who takes his religion seriously must put loyalty to Dar al-Islam above allegiance to an infidel state," and the repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell.

"Perhaps we could deploy an elite unit, armed with vibrators, to the Crimea to counter Spetsnaz commandos," he suggests.

Much like Kevin McCollough, Don Feder also seems to believe an army full of uptight homophobes (the very people who idolize Vladimir Putin) would be much more imposing.

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