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Don Feder blames "Senator Juan McCain" for eroding national identity

Don Feder
Don Feder

In a January 20th blog post, Don Feder of the World Congress of Families once again lashed out at proponents of immigration reform as promoting the "loss of national identity."

Mirroring the ravings of many far-right extremists, Feder also insists that Mitt Romney's problem in 2012 was that he was not conservative enough (or in his own words, he lacked "manly firmness").

"The message was aimed at mobilizing the ideological, the envious, public employees, angry, single women and the mooch brigade – the Democrats' core constituency," he writes. "Romney's answer was not marked by manly firmness, 'The president is a nice guy, but we just can't afford him for four more years,' Mitt the Mild peeped. Republicans accepted the media line that voters hate negative campaigning and will punish the perps. Democrats didn't."

Specifically, Feder lashes out at the one suggestion in the G.O.P.'s 2012 autopsy report: Support for immigration reform.

"Supposedly, Romney lost Latinos with his silly self-deportation plan. But in 2008, Juan McCain, Senor Amnesty, got 31% of the Hispanic vote, compared to 28% for Mitt in 2012," he asserts. "If Romney had done as well – or as poorly – as McCain, he would have gotten four percentage points more (of 9% of the electorate) and the outcome, you do the math, would have been exactly the same."

Feder proceeds to recite the usual favorite Tea Party extremist talking points, asserting that Republicans should oppose immigration reform to prevent an influx of Democratic voters, which Feder insists "are twice as likely to benefit from a major welfare program as white families."

"At the same time, Main Street voters – who care deeply about fairness (for taxpayers, workers and legal immigrants), loss of national identity, national security and the economic consequences of illegal immigration – will walk away from the GOP in disgust," he insists.

Back in reality, the exact opposite is true: The G.O.P.'s sudden obsession with libertarian extremism, suppressing voters and keeping broken systems broken has already caused a massive shift away from conservatism, which has already made itself known in the form of Democratic wins in what were previously staunchly conservative territories.

Given that Feder had previously compared Latinos to "the pagan armies which regularly invaded the land of Israel", as well as come to this column's attention before for declaring that Obama will put conservatives in concentration camps, his unrestrained disdain for minorities (and reality) is hardly surprising.

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