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Don Cheadle to honor jazz great Miles Davis on film

Miles Davis movie
Miles Davis movie

Oscar nominee Don Cheadle is in the process of making a movie, “Miles Ahead” about the much celebrated jazz trumpeter Miles Davis with another jazz legend, Herbie Hancock, on board to create the musical score. The 49-year-old actor stresses this is not a biopic as he intends to tell the full story. He chose a unique route for funding. Aside from chipping in his money, Cheadle is using the crowdfunding site

He says he’s going the public funding route because “most studios don’t make these kinds of movies anymore, so we are doing it independently. While Miles used his horn to communicate and create ‘social music,’ we are using social media and today’s outline platforms to reach out to the music community, the film community and people who are excited to see an explosive, cool, music-filled movie.”

The campaign hopes to raise $325,000 by July 6. Cheadle, who found inspiration from the Davis family, will play the lead role. Cheadle also says that the movie will be littered with truth and largely focus on when Miles Davis burst upon the scene during 1970s..

Davis, who was once married to renowned actress Cicely Tyson, died in 1991 at the age of 65 after suffering from respiratory failure and a stroke.