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Don Bosco, better known for founding the Salesians, little known for his prophetic dreams


Don Bosco (<-- Click to learn more)

Don Bosco invented a system of education founded on three values: reason, religion, and loving kindness. Although he came from a family of poor farmers, Giovanni Bosco was gifted in understanding and kindness. This and an upbringing strong in the faith led him to cooperate with God's design in the fields of missions, charity and education.

Known for

Bosco's best known accomplishments really do make an impressive list:
1) founded the Salesians
2) founded the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians
3) founded the Salesian Cooperators
4) built the Sanctuary of Mary Help of Christians at Valdocco
5) founded 59 Salesian houses in six nations
6) started the Salesian Missions in Latin America sending Salesian priests, nuns and brothers
7) published a series of popular books for ordinary Christians and for boys

And yet, he remained humble. He would often reply, "I have done nothing by myself. It is the Virgin Mary who has done everything."

A mystic

It was at the age of nine that Don Bosco had his first meaningful dream in which he saw Our Lady and Jesus telling him about the work ahead of him. He was then encouraged in meekness and charity. And immediately after having this dream he began to perform acts of charity through play to win the souls of children for God.

Throughout his life he had many dreams in which he saw the future of his students and of the church. In his dreams he was also shown spiritual reality of the devil's works and how the sacraments are the remedy. The most famous of his dreams, although little known, was the dream he had about the final battle between the Church and the forces of evil for humanity. There he saw devotion to the Eucharist and to the Virgin Mary as two pillars and the only place between which one could be completely safe from the gates of hell.

His last words were, "Love each other as brothers. Do good to all and evil to none..."


Don Bosco's dream: The Snake and the Rosary, plus an urgent call to the Sacraments of Reconciliation

The glorious banquet of the innocent, one of St. John Bosco's prophetic dreams

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