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Don Baylor’s broken leg and Angels losing game: Some bad ‘juju’ to start season?

A bizarre injury is what Angel’s coach Don Baylor’s broken leg is referred to today as this freak accident happened while he was catching the ceremonial first pitch. This is not the best way for the Angels to start the season and Fox News suggests on April 1, that maybe it’s time to “start praying for the Angels right now.”

Don Baylor, Angels' coach, breaks leg catching ceremonial first pitch. Talk about bad juju!
YouTube screen shot

This sounds like an April Fools’ Day joke, but a fractured right femur is no laughing matter especially to Baylor who was really injured at the opening game. You would think that with all the Angels involved, this would be the safest place to catch a pitch.

The Angel coach was at Angel Stadium catching the Angel’s first pitch thrown by former Angel Vladimir Guerrero. That is a lot of winged creatures, you would think they were covered against this bad luck. This bad luck continued for the Angels when they lost the game to Seattle 10-3.

Baylor’s right ankle seemed to awkwardly get caught under the rest of his body when he received the throw. It wasn’t as if he was hit with a hard blow, it was more like an awkward twist that left him with a broken leg.

After he broke his femur, he attempted to make his way back to the dugout, but that first step nearly landed him on his face at home plate. He was taken to an area hospital where he was given the bad news.

The 64-year-old Baylor had his team’s thoughts with him. After the game Angels’ outfielder Mike Trout said:

"It got me sick when I was warming up seeing that and then hearing what happened in the dugout. I just hope and wish for the best."

While this may be tough luck, a freak accident, or bizarre occurrence, some today are referring to Baylor’s odd accident as “bad juju,” an “omen” or some type of a “jinx.” Let’s hope that the season, which came in like a lion, will go out like a lamb for Baylor!

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