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Don Amado Mezcal Rustico: Review

Don Amado Mezcal Rustico
Don Amado Mezcal Rustico
Don Amado

Founded in 1995, this is the 94 proof Don Amado and it comes from the same distillery that Mina Real comes from, which is in Santa Catarina Minas, Oaxaca, Mexico. However, unlike Mina Real, Don Amado is made via traditional methods (over 300 years old). It is double-distilled in ceramic stills, then filtered x3 before bottling.

The bottle is beautiful. However, the nose is overpowering to your National Product Reviewer. We have perused other reviews for this product and we simply are not with any of them. They are all positive and this is wonderful.

It simply does not make sense to us. There is supposed to be a trace of smoke with the nose and the sip is supposed to be smooth and not burning. Again, we disagree. The nose filled us with the possibility of a burning pain. It was not for the timid. Nor was the sip.

We do not disagree with the fact that countless others detail the many excellent qualities of this spirit. We simply believe that it is too strong for us.

However, we were curious and now we know.

Don't believe me? Please, try it for yourself.

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