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Domino Sugar Unveils New Flip Top Canisters

A sweet Idea !!
john dertinger

A sweet idea from Domino Sugar as they have produced a combination of a storage container and pourable canister to quickly add sugar to any dish or recipe. The flip tops on these canisters make it very easy to get sugar where and when you need it and then seal the container without the spills and mess by using a spoon.

The new canisters are available from Domino Sugar on the east coast and C & H on the west coast. Each canister comes with either quick dissolve superfine white sugar or light brown sugar. Both varieties are extremely refined and pour easily without clumping which is especially nice when using the brown sugar!

The suggested retail price is less than $3.00 per canister and the sturdy hour glass shaped container will store easily in any kitchen cabinet. Look for them in the stores as they are about to be released this month. For more information contact Domino Sugar at or C & H Sugar . It's a really simple and yet a great idea!

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