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Domino's charges teen $300k for pizza


We all know that pizza is delicious, and at certain times, it’s cheesy goodness can be worth almost any price. Almost. The one price we’re pretty certain no one would pay for pizza: $300K. But that’s what one teenager from Newport was charged on Tuesday night when he ordered what should have been a $30 pizza from Domino’s. The 19-year-old was shocked to find his bank account overdrawn massively after the transaction with the pizza chain. Needless to say that no one orders from Domino's because they're swimming in cash and Bolwell's bank as well as the restaurant realized their mistake.

The mistake was spawned from an employee accidentally entering the last four digits of Bolwell's bank card in the wrong field on the computer, turning his simple pizza order into something astronomical. Bolwell admits that though he may not have had much in his young adult bank account at the time of his pizza order, he did know that the meal should not have overdrawn his account. All that trouble and he only got one pizza; this kid deserves at least one more pizza on the house.

The funny part is that no one working at the Domino's thought for a second that $300K pizza order was weird or warranted a double check. Are a lot of people in the area ordering a top-tier lawyer's salary worth of pizza? A $300K order for one singular pizza. Ordering everything off the menu once wouldn’t have brought the total even close to what he was charged

Eventually, Nathaniel Bolwell did get his remaining money returned and had what we're assuming was a staggering overdraft fee removed from his account. Next time Bolwell will probably consider Taco Bell or McDonald's before calling up Domino's again.