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Dominique Ansel's cookie shots to make NYC debut this Friday

Dominique Ansel, creator of the infamous cronut, is about to start another dessert frenzy in NYC this Friday.

If you haven't heard about the chef's new creation, it's a shot of milk in a "glass" made out of a chocolate chip cookie. It debuted this past weekend at SXSW, but there was no word on when the new treat would be available at Ansel's Soho bakery. Lucky for us New Yorkers, it's all happening this Friday at 3pm.

Of course, a huge line is to be expected so here are the key rules and limitations for Friday:

  • The Milk & Cookie Shot will cost $3.
  • On Friday, there will be a two-per-person limit as the bakery is only putting out 200 of them that day.
  • The milk used is organic and infused with vanilla beans. The milk is also available separately for $3 for a 16 oz. serving.

If you're one of the lucky ones who gets to try out this new snack on Friday, Ansel has a recommended way of eating it: take a bite and follow it with a sip of milk, so "you get the richness and the palate-cleanser."

Dominique Ansel's bakery is located at 189 Spring Street in Soho.

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