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'Dominion' on SyFy comes to an end: Has this show been renewed?

Tom Wisdom
Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images

Last night was the season one finale of the show "Dominion" on SyFy. This show ended with a big 90 minute finale and now fans want to know if this show is coming back again or not. On Thursday, TV Line shared the news that this show has not been renewed or canceled yet. So far they are just waiting to let the fans know what is going to happen.

On Friday, the show went to their Facebook page and shared about the big finale. They are still not announcing a renewal though. It was simply a link to a page where you can read more about the show. It didn't have any news about what fans really want to know and they are replying to it and are not very happy. Viewers really want to know now when the show will be back.

Fans are replying and saying that the show needs a second season. A lot of them also feel like the first season was way too short. The writer of the show did speak out on Seriable and they are hoping for another season. Vaun Wilmott was asked about a second season and he did reply to it saying that he is hoping and planning on it. This really makes it sound like he has already started working on it.

This show was able to pull in between 1.5 and 2 million viewers per episode. The first season only lasted seven episodes which is not enough. These ratings are great news for the show and do make it look like another season could be happening.

For now the viewers of "Dominion" are going to just have to wait and see if this show will be back for another season. Viewers would love to see this one again. Hopefully news about a renewal will come out soon from SyFy.

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