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'Dominion' fans desperate for a second season

Tom Wisdom as Archangel Michael
Tom Wisdom as Archangel Michael

In just a few short weeks Dominion has gained fans from all corners of the Earth and all walks of life. They have taken Twitter by storm, especially during the airing of each episode as the cast tweets live, interacting with their fans. Each week there have been different Twitter protocols, encouraging the fans to partake and show the folks at SyFy that there is a growing fan base for the show.

Longtime fans of Tom Wisdom, who plays Archangel Michael on the show, have been thrilled to see him grace across their television screens each week. His popularity amongst the masses has grown since he battled on the big screen as Astinos in the 2007 film, 300. His kind demeanor and willingness to chat with his fans on Twitter has only caused his number of followers to multiply with each passing week.

The cast took this weekend's San Diego Comic Con by storm, participating on the panel and conducting several interviews. They, of course, would love to return next year and continue the story of Dominion.

This week, fans are encouraging each other to participate in yet another Twitter event in hopes of getting Dominion renewed for a second season. With only two episodes left, time is becoming of the essence. Here is what you can do:

  1. Watch LIVE on Thursday, July 31 at 9/8c on SyFy.
  2. Participate on Twitter only using hashtag #RenewDominion (do not use #Dominion this time).
  3. Only start using the #RenewDominion hashtag one hour before the episode airs to help make it count.
  4. Do not use it in an @ reply - however, you may put a period before the reply to make it a public tweet. Example: .@MrTomWisdom
  5. If your profile is private, make it public!
  6. Have fun interacting with the cast and fellow fans!
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