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Dominic Pace Co-starring In Bones Season Premiere…

Dominic Pace
Dominic Pace

Dominic Pace will co-star opposite David Boreanaz in the season premiere of Bones. He is also starring in the indie feature later this year, Anonymous Killers, directed by A.R. Hilton, filming in Las Vegas.

Dominic began at the ripe age of 18, studying with members of the Actor's Studio, Mimi Turque, and Susan Batson. He was Off Broadway at 19 years old, in the hit show, Tony and Tina's Wedding. At 20 years of age he was flown to Singapore for a supporting role in the Miramax film, That's the Way I Like It. Since moving to Los Angeles in 1999 Dominic has enjoyed a steady career of Character Roles, most notably Guest Appearances on Desperate Housewives, Navy:NCIS, and Prison Break. Dominic has worked with a wide variety of seasoned actors including the upcoming feature: The Midnight Man, directed by D.C. Hamilton and stars: Max Adler (Glee), Will Kemp (Van Helsing), Steve Valentine, Brent Spiner, William Forsythe and Brinna Kelly and features Vinnie Jones.

In 2004, he received an award for Best Actor, at the Palm Beach International Film Festival, for his performance in the indie feature, Little Kings. He is the proud father of two beautiful boys and has been blessed with an awesome agent of 11 years, Brianna Ancel (VP of Clear Talent Group) and managed by Budd Burton Moss of Burton Moss Management. Dominic started a scholarship a few years ago to his Alma Mater, Ossining High School, to inspire other young aspiring artists to follow their dreams. He is also involved in Shane's Inspiration. The Pace family have a unique mission…Dominic and his beautiful sons, Dante and Benett, along with his wife Geraldine, plan to visit every Baseball Stadium in the U.S., and have so far visited 22. For more information please visit: and