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Domestic Violence is not Just a Women's Issue

Domestic violence has a reputation of being a women's issue. While it is true that women are most often victims of domestic violence, it is an issue that affects society as a whole. A woman in the United States is assaulted every nine seconds. Up to ten million children per year may witness domestic violence. Men who witness domestic violence are more likely to abuse their girlfriends or wives as adults. Women who witness domestic violence as children are more likely to be victims of abuse as adults.

However, men are often victims of domestic violence too. Over forty percent of domestic violence victims each year in the United States are men. Men are less likely to seek help because society is less sympathetic toward men and a man who seeks help may be seen as weak.

Society as a whole also suffers due to domestic violence. Domestic violence victims lose around 8 million paid work days per year. Also, there has been an increase in domestic violence homicides occurring at the workplace. There are also medical care costs and costs to the judicial system to bring batterers to court. Additionally, there are the costs to incarcerate the offenders.

It's time to be silent no more. It's time to help the victims and rehabilitate and punish the offenders. It's time to make sure any child who witnesses domestic violence receives counseling. It's time to break the cycle.

If you are a victim of domestic violence, call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE. If you live in Maryville, Tennessee, please contact Haven House at 865-982-1087. Formulate a plan to leave safely! You life depends on it.


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