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Domestic adoption pros and cons


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When going through the adoption process there are many decisions that will need to be made, and one of the first decisions is if domestic or international adoption is the right fit for your family. Today, we discuss the pros and cons of domestic adoption.

Pros of domestic adoption:

1.) Domestic adoption can be less expensive. This is especially true if the adoptive parents decide to foster before adopting.

2.) When adopting infants, the baby usually goes home with the adoptive parents right from the hospital. With an international adoption, the baby is usually at least a few months old before going home.

3.) There is little traveling involved with domestic adoptions. During international adoptions, most programs require at least one parent to travel to the child's birth country to pick up the child as well as to experience the culture.

4.) In some cases, the waiting period for a domestic adoption can be short. Birth mothers select a family from a group of family profiles, so depending on her interests, parents may be selected very shortly after submitting their profile.

5.) Children are often in very good health and some medical information is usually available.

Cons of domestic adoption

1.) A birth mother can change her mind about the adoption very late in the process, many times shortly after the baby is born. This results in adoptive parents feeling a great deal of loss if the natural mother exercises her right not to terminate her parental rights after the delivery.

2.) The wait period can be lengthy, especially with cases involving the adoption of a newborn. This usually happens when the adoptive parents profile has not been selected by a birth mother.

3.) In some cases, the cost of the process is based on the household income, so some families may pay less for the same process.

4.) A majority of people adopting domestically in the United States are looking to adopt infants, but there is a much greater demand to adopt older children.

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