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Domestic abuse in kindergarten...bullying spreads like butter on toast

Violence In Schools
Violence In Schools
D. Rema

Domestic violence is not something that happens in the home alone. Often it is something that spreads like butter on toast. Sometimes violence spreads among children as well. Children that witness violence and abuse often model these behaviors elsewhere.

Violence in schools is rising to epidemic proportions. Are you aware that youth violence may start as early as kindergarten? While it's sad, it is also true. Children most at risk for violence are those:

1. Living in homes with a history of violence.
2. Children victimized by violence or domestic abuse.
3. Children with a history of early aggressive trauma or behaviors.
4. Children that associate with peers with violent or abusive behavior.
5. Early childhood trauma victims.
6. Children facing poor economic opportunities.
7. Familial disruptions and transient or changing environments.
8. Social disorganization and lack of parental support.

How can you end violence in schools? According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) the first step toward control is prevention. Knowledge about the nature of the problem and education is the best tool to help parents and educators help children end violence and abuse at home and in schools.

Here is a list of resources in the Denver area that you may find useful:

Domestic Violence Initiative for Women with Disabilities 303-839-5510
AMEND (Abusive Men Exploring New Directions) 303-832-6363
Denver Children’s Advocacy Center 303-825-3850

There are also many online services for victims of domestic violence
Check out this handy online directory of services for victims:


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