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Domestic abuse includes pets

This is National Child Abuse Prevention Month.  Child abuse, spouse abuse, and animal cruelty often happen in the same family.  Most of the perpetrators are male, but around 5% are female.  The motive is also the same.  Animals are abused to control or obtain revenge against a partner or child.

It is hard to believe that there are people who would threaten to kill the family dog in order to make the woman obey, or stay in the violent situation.  It is even harder to believe that there are people who would do that to a child.  It happens every day.  The bonds a woman or a child have with their animals is being used to beat, rape, molest, or torture them.

If you observe someone being cruel to a dog or cat, report it to the police.  According to Detective Sheila Greene of the Dallas Police Department, there are classes that remind police of the link between animal cruelty and child abuse or domestic violence.  Dallas Animal Services notifies the Dallas Police Department if they suspect child or spouse abuse when responding to animal cruelty cases.  The Dallas Police, in turn, notify them if they turn up suspected animal abuse when investigating child or spouse abuse.


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