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Domaine Dupage a French style beer for foodies and craft beer lovers

Like a golden amber sunset
Like a golden amber sunset
Lenny Buzz

Two Brothers brewing has created a nice food friendly beer in Domaine Dupage. Touted as a “French style country ale” this beer is neither haughty nor presumptuous and will not surrender to the flavors of good food.

Pouring deep amber with ruby highlights like the sun setting over Paris. A creamy head that dissipates quickly reminiscent of the crashing waves of the Mediterranean Sea. The sweet caramel aromas like salted butter French caramel balanced by a light roasted malt. The flavor, like a light French roast coffee with pure sugar and cream, is light and roasty with a nice sweet caramel essence. With a slight residual sweetness this beer is not cloying and light.

Don’t let the French descriptors in this beer scare you. Domaine Dupage would pair just as well with a creamy Parisian Brie, a hearty American greasy cheeseburger with caramelized onions, or even a light refreshing salad. A must try for foodies and craft beer lovers. Enjoy one with your next meal.