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Dolphins helping fishermen to catch fish

For years the fishermen have been using the resident bottlenose dolphins in Laguna, Brazil to help them locate and catch schools of fish. The dolphins act as a sort of sheepdog herding the mullet toward the shore where the fishermen wait with their nets. The dolphins then slap the water to signal the men when the fish are close. The reports began surfacing last year and have attracted fans who come to watch the amazing process, and now scientists have begun researching the behavior of the fifty or so dolphins along with the fishermen.

Dolphins helping fishermen to catch fish

The fishing tradition has been photographed and videotaped

Biologists Simon Ingram Plymouth University United Kingdom and Fabian Daura-Jorge Federal University Santa Catarina Brazil published their findings in an online report, Biology Letters. Part of the strange observance the scientists observed is that only one-third of the dolphins partake in the tradition of helping the fishermen, while the other dolphins keep their distance.

Dura-Jorge thinks some kind of learning is copied by the dolphins since it has been going on for generations and if we lose the dolphins we lose a tradition in faith of cooperation between man animals.

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