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Dolphin statue falls over and kills 2-year-old at Fisherman's Wharf

2-year-old killed due to the Magestic's ignoring rules.
2-year-old killed due to the Magestic's ignoring rules.
Brittany Hanson Fundraising site

Reported today, June 10, an innocent 2-year-old Utah boy was killed in what appears to be complete negligence by San Francisco’s Majestic Collection Art Gallery located on the popular Fisherman’s Wharf.

A family enjoying their time in San Francisco had been visiting the wharf late Friday morning, when the gallery’s dolphin sculpture collapsed on top of the child. After emergency responders were called to the scene and transported the boy to San Francisco General Hospital, he passed away.

The horrible accident took place as the family enjoyed a stroll down Jefferson Street, which is where the victim - identified as Kayson Shelton from Utah - approached the dolphin sculpture, according to NBC. Only seeing his external injuries, Kayson’s father, Dr. Scott Shelton said he and his wife and other children thought he would be okay -- as blood ran from the child’s nose, the couple had no idea their son’s internal injuries would soon take their son’s live.

Police confirmed yesterday the sculpture was a 6-foot-tall dolphin statue that fell on the 2-year-old boy, according to Fox news. Apparently, police reports indicate Kayson had “attempted to climb the statue at the Majestic Gallery on Jefferson Street.” Family members asked him to stop, but it was too late. Evidently, the store has been given several warnings of violating the “Port Authority code that mandates stores on Fisherman’s Wharf to keep merchandise behind,” a visible blue line that is “painted” where visitors walk, according to Fox news.

Currently the accident is under an investigation by the San Francisco Police Department, because “the business is not a port tenant, any violation would be issued by the police department, and any further investigation,” said Manager of Communications for the Port of San Francisco, Renee Dunn Martin.

Clearly the Shelton family could have returned home to Utah with their son if the Majestic Gallery acted in accordance with the Port Authority’s code instead of breaking the rules again. According to, Godon Shyy, a local police spokesman said the store was given a ticket just after the accident, and was “cited for the same infraction last year,” regarding the same exact statue. It appears this isn’t the store's first time putting the public’s welfare and safety at risk.

Local resident Lori Reed said she believes who ever was responsible for breaking the rules, “should have to go to jail … for a child was killed as a result of their negligence.”

The victim's father described the accident to NBC’s Bay Area in a phone conversation that the sculpture, “was out on the sidewalk, and not in the doorway.”

The Majestic is calling this an “unfortunate and tragic accident,” according to Fox News. Cooperating with the investigation the gallery allowed police to have copies of the video surveillance.

The family’s friends have stepped forward to create a fund to help with the families funeral costs, and has so far raised more than $275,000. The organizer is listed as Brittany Hansen and describes the last words that Kayson Shelton said before the dolphin statue fell on him, crushing him to death. “The last words he spoke in his life were “I love you.”

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