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2014 Winter Olympics

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Dolphin spotted at Sochi? Officials make snow image waiting at Olympics (photo)

Dolphin spotted in Sochi? Olympic workers take a break
Photo by Robert Cianflone/Getty Images

Sochi Olympic officials might have a really busy schedule to keep the games going and they definitely are working hard. With a million things to keep on top of and making the course perfect for the athletes, it's got to be a tough job. So that’s why when fans around the world saw a dolphin image in the snow near the RusSki Gorki Jumping Center it was impossible not to laugh. According to ABC News on Tuesday, this location is currently being used in competitions with Joergen Graabak taking gold for the Olympic Nordic Combined Individual Large Hill.

Which brings the fans back to the large dolphin. Obviously someone had some time on a smoke break and gave a little creative adjustment to design a dolphin made out of fern cuttings. Easy to spot from a distance, the viewers immediately recognized the animal. With five workers seen, there is one worker in particular who seemed to be putting down the ferns, two workers giving advice and two other workers doing something (technically it could have been admiring.)

The dolphin image is hilarious and it makes everyone wonder what is up with this idea of a large sea animal? Usually the logo for the Olympics is seen on the snow, but a dolphin? That’s completely confusing. And for five people to make one dolphin seems even weirder.

Everyone needs to admire the dolphin from a distance and act in awe. Technically the Vancouver Olympics never had a dolphin, so maybe this is a Sochi special moment!

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