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Dolphin hunt: Heartbreaking scenes in Japan's annual event of killing dolphins

The dolphin hunt, which is a tradition in Japan, is heartbreaking to watch as these dolphins are rounded up for the sake of money. Caroline Kennedy tweeted how deeply concerned she was over the “inhumanity of the practice” of the dolphin hunt, according to CBS News on Jan. 20. This caused the Japanese government to defend their country’s tradition.

Dolphin hunt, a heartbreaking scene, is defended by the government of Japan.
YouTube screen shot

The dolphins are herded into a cove and some are sold off to large aquariums around the world and the rest are killed and their meat sold. The horrendous practice pulls baby dolphins away from their mothers with many taken into captivity for commercial venues like aquariums.

The rarest dolphin in the latest round-up is an albino calf and the going price for this creature is said to be close to a half of a million dollars. The 2009 documentary, “The Cove” brought attention to this practice. It really is a cruel annual event that people in Japan do to these trusting creatures.

It is what Caroline Kennedy said, that the U.S. is against this practice, that brought Chief Cabinet Secretary Yohihide Suga out to defend this practice. He said at a press conference that the dolphin fishing in Japan is carried out in accordance of the law.

Carolyn’s tweet:

"Deeply concerned by inhumaneness of drive hunt dolphin killing."

Kennedy also added that the government of the U.S. opposes such fishing.

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