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Dolphin has sex with woman

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As part of a NASA funded research project back in the 1960s, Margaret Howe Lovatt attempted to teach a dolphin how to speak English, only to enter into a sexual relationship with it. In breaking news yesterday the Mirror.Uk, wrote that Margaret Howe Lovatt finally spoke out for the first time. She explained how the scientific study was being held on the US virgin islands back in 1963. She assisted turning a house into a domestic aquarium for the dolphin by adding water that was knee deep. This allowed Lovatt to continue her studies right from home, where the relationship started.

Once the house was ready, Lovatt finally met the dolphin named Peter. She described the dolphin as "sexually coming of age", once the relationship soon turned physical shortly after the start of their relationship. Lovatt admitted that Peter enjoyed to be with her and that he would rub himself on her hand, foot, or knee, which she allowed. She advised it wasn't too uncomfortable, as long as Peter was gentle.

Peter occasionally did get carried away and leave Lovatt with minor injuries on her legs. When the relationship was still starting out and Peter would get out of hand, she would put him in the elevator to go play with the girl dolphins for the day. But then after a little while into the study, the transportation time to bring Peter to the female dolphins started to interfere with the overall project. At this point, Lovatt thought it would be much easier to just allow Peter to relieve himself with her to get him focused back on the study.

"It was just easier to incorporate that and let it happen, it was very precious and very gentle, Peter was right there, he knew that I was right there." Lovatt said. It soon started to be all a part of her study as she continued to attempt to teach Peter English. She also made sure to let everyone know that this relationship was sexual on the dolphin's part, not hers. She admits the relationship might have been sensuous, but not sexual to her.

She was a part of this project to get to know Peter, and this was all a part of him. She compared their sexual encounters similar to an itch. She just advised that it was just part of the project and when they needed to get rid of the "itch", they would just "scratch" and be done with it.

Unfortunately, the project didn't end great. Years after the project, Lovatt stayed away from the media, declining interviews, until now.

As this story continues to unfold, more and more information about dolphin sexuality is being focused on. A lot of people would be surprised as to what kind of stuff dolphins get into. While a lot of us might think that this story about Lovatt is odd, dolphins tend to get very creative while trying to express their sexuality. A Brazilian university found that dolphin intercourse will only last for less than 10 seconds, so it doesn't take much for dolphins to be satisfied.

This isn't the first time there has been a love affair including humans and dolphins. Malcolm Brenner even wrote a book, which was released in 2009, that was based on his experiences back in the 1970s, where the main character meets a female dolphin at a theme park, and then falls in love with her. Although the book is controversial, it has opened the eyes of many people regarding the relationship that can happen between a human and dolphin. Malcolm Brenner said that he wrote the book for dolphins because they are being mistreated while in captivity.

Although the NASA funded English program didn't turn out as they had hoped, the relationship between Lovatt and Peter continued to grow stronger and stronger. Some people even thought that Peter had fallen madly in love with Lovatt by the end and were worried about the long lasting effects that could have on him. Dolphins are known to keep their sexual partners, and once separated, can have long lasting psychological effects.

While a relationship between a human and a dolphin might not be considered normal, it is something that can happen, and in Lovatt's case, was a part of her job during the study. Lovatt said that she didn't mind any of it since it helped with the project, so why did it take her this long to finally speak out about having sex with dolphins?

Source: Mirror.Uk

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