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Dolphin commits suicide after sexual relationship with a man

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Dolphin commits suicide after relationship with a man ends. Stories about zoophiles that have pleasured animals have made the headlines for the past few days, perhaps none of those stories compare to the following one, where a dolphin has allegedly killed itself after a six-month relationship with a man ended. As Malcolm Brenner himself admits, he had a half-year relationship with a dolphin named Dolly, and he even wrote an entire book around this subject, trying to convince people that this was not an unnatural act and it should never be regarded as one. The self-confessed zoophile, now aged 63, is not shy to discuss this subject as seen in the book.

The entire fling took place at the beginning of the 1970s when Malcolm Brenner met Dolly the Dolphin at an amusement park, in Florida. Slowly but surely, the two started to feel a connection and became friends, until the female mammal apparently tried “something more” while the two were swimming in the pool. Currently working as a full time writer, Malcolm Brenner carefully describes the entire sexual relationship with Dolly exactly as it happened throughout the whole six months, and he was also asked to comment on the famous BBC documentary that portrays Margaret Howe Lovatt’s love with a dolphin, as part of a scientific study at the time.

As Malcolm Brenner says, he wished Margaret Howe Lovatt would have confessed her sexual intercourse with the dolphin and shared her experienced a lot earlier. When asked why does he think people regard zoophilia as a weird, wrong and unnatural act, he replied that people tend to see it that way simply because it does not happen very commonly, and this is precisely what drives many of them to believe that it’s purely wrong. Malcolm goes a mile further, claiming that his affair with Dolly the Dolphin back in the 1970s was actually something very deep and transcendental, given the high intelligence quotient of these mammals and their creative nature. He also says that the dolphin was very much aware of everything that was going on.

As detailed in his book, Malcolm Brenner’s affair with Dolly the Dolphin started at the Floridaland Park when he was a student in the area, and he was asked to take photos of the dolphin. It was then when he realized that there was something more going on between him and the dolphin, and as soon as he came to acknowledge that, he struck up the relationship with the dolphin. Malcolm also says that dolphin was a very special being and they quickly became friends after he was granted the permission to swim with the dolphins and to take pictures of them.

Although the dolphin couldn’t speak, Malcolm Brenner insists that Dolly has made her intentions very clear from the beginning, when she positioned in such a manner that she allowed Malcolm to slowly rub against her. Even though Malcolm tried to discourage the mammal and to show that he is simply not interested in such an affair, but after a while he started to ask himself some questions and reached the conclusion that there was nothing wrong with having a relationship with the dolphin. That being said, Malcolm eluded the male dolphin when the park was close to the closing hour, so that he and Dolly the Dolphin could spend some time all by themselves.

The reason why Malcolm insists that he had a relationship with the dolphin is because their connection was very strong and he slipped into a five-year depression as soon as the female mammal died, after being moved away when the park closed. Malcolm also believes that the dolphin did not die of a natural death, but that she rather took her own life out of depression, claiming that Dolly has willingly stopped breathing.

Given the fact that the relationship took place back in the 1970s, there was no legal issue involved as the laws against bestiality were only introduced three years ago, back in 2011. Since his fling with Dolly the Dolphin, Malcolm has gone through marriages and he also claimed that throughout the years, he has had other sexual relationships with animals.

He advised Margaret Howe Lovatt not to feel bad or ashamed about her relationship with the dolphin, and that people should understand that there is nothing wrong to be sexually or emotionally involved with an animal, as long as the animal is consenting.