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'Dolly Parton' and 'Jack Nicholson' on recent gig and marriage (Photos)

On Jan. 2, 2014, was fortunate enough to learn, from C.J. Morgan, about a recent gig performed by herself and another professional celebrity tribute artist in celebrity style. The gig was in Ohio, and the other tribute artist was Jack Bullard as Jack Nicholson. In addition, "Dolly" shared about their new life together!

C.J. Morgan as Dolly Parton and Jack Bullard as Jack Nicholson wed
C.J. Morgan as Dolly Parton and Jack Bullard as Jack Nicholson wed
C.J. Morgan and Jack Bullard wed, Photo: Courtesy
Bullard, Morgan and Greg M. Thompson (Exec. Producer of Sunburst Convention)
Bullard, Morgan and Greg M. Thompson (Exec. Producer of Sunburst Convention), Photo: Michael Cairns

Morgan and Bullard both have been, independently, celebrity impersonators, tribute artists or lookalikes for many years. In other words, they pay tribute to whom they look and sound like.

Both of these talented entertainers became a twosome in real life when they married in 2013. They continue to work as celebrity impersonators, sometimes even together!

The couple's above gig was at the Ohio State Fair. Something else these two "celebs" have in common is the frequency of seeing and hearing the following.

"When seen we often receive double takes!

We also hear, ‘Aren’t you ... ?’ and respond, 'Well, not really.' Celebrity impersonators tell fairgoers... " - The Columbus Dispatch

C.J. Morgan, on a more personal note, shared about "being" the legendary country songbird Dolly Parton, "Almost Dolly." She also added a bit about her life, her life renewed and her recent marriage to Jack Bullard.

"Jack Bullard and I were married June 30 in Albion, Wis. at the church of my, and my mother's, childhood. Shannon Michaels (a 2012 Sunburst Congeniality Award winner) lives in the same town as my mother and father, so he 'married' us as singer Bret Michaels!"

Jack Bullard is no stranger to, as readers have followed him from Colorado to Florida and back (see more about Bullard at various links). Here is what his wife, C.J. Morgan, had to say about her hubby and their new life together.

"We met two years ago at a lookalike convention. It was the Sunburst Convention in Orlando, Fla.

Jack is from Colorado, and I have been living in Tennessee. Now we have both moved to Las Vegas and are making our home there."

Apparently it is a common scenario wondering what "real people" think of celebrity lookalikes, let alone those who marry each other!

"People think it's very interesting and funny that 'Jack Nicholson' and 'Dolly Parton' are together! At our wedding Jack gave my parents, who were seated in the front row, a pair of sunglasses. I had a pair of glasses hidden in my bouquet. Jack wore his sunglassses throughout the ceremony except when he said his vows.

After Shannon/Bret Michaels pronounced us as man and wife and presented us to the crowd, I slipped on my glasses and turned to face everyone. As we walked down the aisle my parents followed wearing their sunglasses!"

During the ceremony, the celebrity-looking groom said his own vows. The bride sang "Love Me Tender." They continued to "entertain" during their reception.

"At our reception Jack, in his 'Jack voice,' explained a little bit about what celebrity impersonators do, and he also described the difference between tribute artists and lookalikes. Then I sang a few numbers as 'Dolly.' People said it was truly a unique and fun event!"

The fair gig, as explained above, ended up being a belated "holiday" of sorts for the couple.

"Doing the gig in Ohio was essentially our 'honeymoon!' - C.J. Morgan

In addition to being a great celebrity tribute artist, C.J. Morgan is also the author of "Roselady - a story of Hope, Change and Perseverance." will hopefully be able to follow this talented woman, more as "Dolly" and as an author, in the near future!

By the way, when it comes to Jack Bullard, more can be learned about him at Bullard as Nicholson. Also learn more about C.J. as Dolly Parton at "Almost Dolly and on Facebook.

Enjoy the slideshow of tribute artists, the wedding and more. Also view above video clip on "Dolly Parton's NYC Apartment."

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