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Dolly Parton $1.39 million home: Singer selling 'whimsical' home

Dolly Parton has put her $1.39 million home in West Hollywood up for sale, and this home has a great Hollywood history attached to it. The country singer does not want to hold onto the special home though. She spends more time at her home in Tennessee, and she does not want this home to sit empty. It is one of 15 properties that the singer owns, so she has plenty of places to settle into and call home. On May 19, The Christian Post reported on Parton's decision to sell the home.

This home was built in 1923, and it was once the home of Natalie Wood. The actress grew up in the home that is located in the Norma Triangle of West Hollywood. Parton bought the home in 2007 for $1.2 million. Her asking price for the home would give her a small profit, but she is definitely not in need of more money. The singer is currently on tour supporting her latest album. Her "Blue Smoke" tour will have hitting the UK and select U.S. cities.

At 68, some might think the singer is ready to retire, but Parton revealed that she is not yet done with all she wants to do. She said the following, according to Realty Today: "I still have a lot of other business things I want to do. I just think it's the love of it. I just really try to keep my creative hat on. I just love to write, I love to think. I love the business end of things. I love to work. Energy begets energy. And dreams beget dreams. So I just keep on keeping on."

As for her home, it is not clear just how much time the singer spent in the house since she purchased it seven years ago. The listing admits that the home does need some work. It is a two bedroom and two bath house with 1,091 square feet. It blends a number of architectural styles as well. Dolly is hoping that someone else will make the house their home, and that is why she has put it up for sale. Taste of Country has photos of the home.

Her home is in Tennessee when she is not touring because her husband makes that house his home. He does not travel with his wife. She calls them "old mountain goats." It sounds like she is happy with her "goat" though.

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