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Dolls in books are collectible, but not just one’s with photos

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Hello New York Doll Collectors.

I was thinking about doll collecting. Doll collecting in a sense that, there are other doll collecting forms, other than our artistic, three dimensional figurines. Yes, there are paper dolls, which we have talked about before, and I would love to talk about again. But there is something else that dolls do, that is equally intriguing, and equally tickles our intellect and imagination. And most importantly, there are other ways that dolls can inspire us, and give us new meaning, new vision on the world or even ourselves for that matter. I’m speaking of dolls in books. Particularly story books about dolls and the roles they play. Not history per say, but stories. I’ll explain.

In the year 2008, I decided that I would publish a book of short stories. Yes indeed. I was never an author, prior to this book being published; just an imaginary one, beginning at the age of 15, when I wrote two unpublished stories called “Liz and Rita’s Love Life On Astaire Island and A Three Week Vacation On The Love Boat”. Although these books were not about dolls, there was certainly a great amount of imagination at work. But the book I did published was about dolls, and about people, places, challenges and inspiration. The gist of each story was that the characters, living their lives, would face challenges that were larger than life. They would search and search for answers to dilemmas, experiencing moments of self doubt and despair; that when coming face to face with a doll art form, life became more than “back to rights”. Life became forever changed, for ever better.

What point am I trying to make? That dolls in books are equally collectible. Not just photos of dolls, but stories of dolls and the meaning they reflect in the stories. Have you heard of New York author, Ann M. Martin, who wrote the magnificent series called the Doll People? If you haven’t, no worries, we are going to explore it together, and see just how dolls can play additional roles in our lives.